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Imagine a life free of dust bunnies and pet dander rolling across the arid plane of your hardwood floors like tumble weeds in a desert wind. Save yourself from the complaints of your hypochondriac, asthma and allergy prone, in-laws by using Slack Dust Mop’s attractive wool yarn mop to round up the dust and dander in your house. The natural lanolin acts like a magnet trapping the dust in the mop instead of just scattering it into the air. Made from all natural wood and wool sourced and manufactured in the U.S. Comes with a 48in. wooden handle and a swiveling 11in. by 18in head, which is washable, reusable, and ready for years of service.

Big Wooly Mop Big Wooly Mop

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Big Wooly Mop Big Wooly Mop Big Wooly Mop