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A lot has changed since the year the American Federation of Labor was founded, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated, and Coca Cola was invented. Yet the ingredients of Bon Ami’s 1886 formula haven’t. Made from Feldspar (the gentle abrasive that set Bon Ami apart from its competitors who where using the more abrasive ground quartz) and Tallow soap (purified animal fat and soda ash, the ingredients of the original soaps dating back ca. 5,000 years), this time-tested formula continues to be used for new uses everyday. Clean acid rain stains from your cars windshield, smooth over scratches on your grandfather’s watch, or clean up a bloody murder scene.

“Never underestimate the cleaning power of a 94 year old chic with a French name.” Advertisement 1980’s

Original 1886 Formula Original 1886 Formula

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Original 1886 Formula Original 1886 Formula