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Part of Ball’s American Heritage Collection of limited edition.

My mom bought a red ford pickup in September of 77, it had been sitting for months in front of Ledford’s store off of Stamping Ground Road, and she got it for 500 bucks. Soon enough the passenger side was filled with beer cans and I had to slide across the drivers seat to get into my car seat. One Saturday morning we were driving around checking out estate sales and we found a deep freezer for fifty dollars and brought it home in the back of the truck. Over the fall my mom filled the freezer with mason jars of soup, chili, and secret recipe stews passed down from my Great Grand Mother. On January twenty-fifth through the night and into the next day twenty-three inches of snow fell, the high winds that accompanied the storm drove the snow into high drifts making it hard for us to even dig our way out of the back door and make it to the wood pile to add more logs to the wood stove. Temperatures remained below freezing well into February, once we loaded the back of the two wheeled drive pick up with logs we were able to make it to the grocery store, but for a solid two weeks we where stuck in the house eating our way through my mom’s canning efforts from the previous fall.

ZZZ16oz Heritage Mason Jar ZZZ16oz Heritage Mason Jar

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ZZZ16oz Heritage Mason Jar ZZZ16oz Heritage Mason Jar