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The bushel has a long history as a unit of measure, spanning 1500 years, several different systems and an ocean. It has historically been used for measuring commodities like wheat and grain, but don’t let tradition hold you back. Behrens’ 4peck(one bushel) Utility Basket looks equally at home in your front yard as a planter, in the house as an umbrella holder, and in the orchard filled to the brim with apples.

Ideal for planters, storage, decor and more

  • Durable…the strength of steel
  • Vintage/classic look
  • Better than plastic:
  • Rodent proof
  • Won’t absorb odors
  • Won’t leach into food
  • Recyclable…made with no oil
  • Built to last
  • Offset bottom keeps tub off ground
  • Wire reinforced top rim
  • Deep swedging adds strength
  • Weather resistant…won’t rust
Utility Tub Utility Tub

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Utility Tub