Why We Exist

Roaring Pines exists to help American brands grow and prosper. We provide you with the knowledge, tools and services to ensure your goods are built strong with the backing of domestic resources - from sourcing to manufacturing to checkout. Whether you’re Big or Small, Main Street or Downtown, Warehouse or Workshop, Roaring Pines is here to takeAmerican Made businesses from concept to checkout.

Companies we represent are labors of love. They’re pursuits of passion built on dreams. As an ardent supporter of American made goods we’re obligated to tell their story. Where did the idea come from? How is it made? Who made it? When you make a purchase from Roaring Pines, you aren’t padding quarterly results; you’re investing in jobs, education, the economy and increased American manufacturing.


At Roaring Pines, we wear our heart on our sleeve. We steadfastly believe in and enthusiastically support businesses that produce quality domestic products. What does that mean exactly? Stocking and showcasing brands that live and breathe in the US. These are goods built in local shops, made from materials fabricated out of resources found on American soil. The Industrial Revolution of the 21st Century is at our doorstep, but this time around magnates and tycoons are no substitute for those who have the ingenuity and persistence of seeing their vision through - not to the end, but to a even better iteration.